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My aeronautical projects...

AEROPROYECTO is just a brand name to enclose my aeronautical projects, mostly aircrafts for successive MSFS versions. The works began late in 1999 with simple stuff for FS98. The aircrafts displayed here are the latest versions of my most improved jobs. All this models, its previous versions and older projects, may be downloaded from flight simulation websites for FREE. Just search by Aeroproyecto or by my full name.

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Edgar Guinart López

Last update: Apr 3, 2017.

R3.0 for Flight Simulator 9/X
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The EMB-110 was the commercial variant of the military light transport aircraft YC-95, and made its first fly in 1968. At the same time was the first aircraft built by EMBRAER (Aeronautic Brazilian Enterprise). The EMB-110 is a strong, fast and economic aircraft. It can easy be modified for different roles and itīs prepared for landing in unprepared fields. Although the production was stopped many years ago the credibility on this aircraft kept it on the preference of many airliners around the world.

This model for FS9/X has been made taking care the dynamics and the most important systems of the real plane. Besides, it incorporates many failures that can occurs if the pilot use bad operational procedures. In order to avoid these failures, making the flight experience better, we strongly recommend to study the documents provided with the model.

R1.5 for Flight Simulator 9
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The IL-18D is the final and most developed version of the IL-18. This aircraft is a four turboprop engine with mid-large range, that can carry up to 120 pax. The first flight of the IL-18 was in 1957; however, a first prototype with piston engines flown in 1946 but the project was abandoned at next year. Like most of the aircrafts built by soviets, the IL-18 was designed for landing on rugged fields and for flying on very bad weather conditions. Its solid structure impelled by four powerful AI-20M engines makes possible its use for hurricane studying. The IL-18 archive very long time in successful use, making it one of the most long-live commercial aircraft in the aviation history.

This model for FS9 was designed taking special cares in the flight dynamics. As this kind of machine usually needs a crew of four, the systems have been simplified for better usage for one simmer. Many failures can occurs due bad procedures, so take the care of reading the documentation provided in the model for better flight experience.

ILYUSHIN IL-18D "Cargo Version"
R1.1 for Flight Simulator 9
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The cargo version of the IL18D is a rare piece because very few of these models were modified for cargo hauling. Aerocaribbean, a Cuban regional airline, has one of these types in flying condition. This aircraft had a front cargo zone followed by a little cabin for cargo operator’s crew. The main modification is a big cargo door in the left side on the front section of the fuselage, and adjusted and reinforced floor for cargo operations. The rest is the same than the airliner.

This model is essentially the same IL18D but it must be released like a separate one because the load configuration is totally different on the “aircraft.cfg” file. The first version of this aircraft, the 1.0, was released with a modeling error, so be sure to get this 1.1 version fixed.

R2.0 for Flight Simulator 9
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This is a relatively modern and almost unknown two seat Russian light aircraft. It has a strong aluminum structure combined with hi-lift wing structures that make possible the very short landing and takeoff on almost any surface: even if thereīs not an airfield present, short and plain grass surface is just enough. With very simples changes it can switch between agricultural, training, recognition and touring rolls. The GRIFFON-100M was designed to have a tremendous push to weight ratio that makes possible the takeoff in just six seconds even with two persons on board. It can make semi-acrobatic maneuvers depending on the installed power plant.

This version has a 2D panel and virtual cockpit, and is FSX compatible. However a couple of gauges in it VC didn’t work on FSX. The sound is the standard sound of FS9 Cessna-172 due to the lack of sources, that I can acces, of the real sound. Its advisable to read the manuals in order to achieve proper functioning of all its systems. In general term this can be a nice and funny plane for short trips.

R2.0 for Flight Simulator 9
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The IL-62M is a long range jetliner that began regular services in 1974. However it first variant, the IL-62, flew for first time in 1961. Due it singular design for a heavy jet, the IL-62 was a big challenge for the soviet engineering, they must solve all kind of troubles with simple but effective solutions. In the VC-10, with similar aspect, the British engineers had to appeal to all its expertise on aeronautical technologies to solve almost the same challenges. Despite the propaganda, the safety records of the IL-62 and its operational history, demonstrate it successful design. Some sources claims that IL62 was a blueprint copy of VC10, however, the facts points that the real similitude of both projects is it general resemblance, nothing more. The technologies used and the specific parts solutions are wide different from each other. In my opinion, the IL-62M could easily reach the 21st century in large numbers, with proper upgrades, like cargo lifter, due to it stretched fuselage and sturdy construction.

SUKHOI SuperJet SSJ-100
R1.1c for Flight Simulator 9
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The Superjet 100 was developed at 2000, becoming the first airliner made in the modern Russia, post Sovietīs age. Itīs a regional jet designed by Sukhoi in co-operation with Western partners. The development of the aircraft's SaM146 jet engine is being done by PowerJet company, a joint-venture between the French Snecma and Russia's NPO Saturn. The bigger operators of this aircraft are Aeroflot and the Mexican Interjet. Up to the moment the airliner itīs well considered for its great reliability and economics, besides it owns great aerodynamic design and beauty.

The SSJ100 is, by far, the most arduous labor that I had faced for FS9 up to this days. Most of its elements were absolutely created from cero. Like any other modern jet, the Superjet had a great amount of systems and automatic issues to simulate. All the systems are not simulated but the principal ones works at some acceptable level for most of the simmers. On Internet, you can find almost one livery for every airline that used this aircraft, developed by other enthusiast people. This 1.1c version will not be the last one so, if you like it, be patient, the next release will be FSX compatible.

R1.0 for Flight Simulator 9/X
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This ultra light aircraft was designed, projected and is been built by Adolfo Rivera, a mechanical engineer that have vast experience building this kind of flying machines. At least 8 gliders and powered light models were made by Adolfo in heīs life time. This model is an experimental one and is the most complex and the bigger project that he had develops; the previous designs only can lift one man on the air. The AR-9 project was revised and approved for construction by the Cuban competent authorities of IACC, and actually is on building state.

The performance and aerodynamics of this model for FS9/X are the result of the measures and estimations of real aircraft, based on calculations. So these performances are only approximations of the reality. When the aircraft took the air, and the test flight becomes real, the performances of this virtual model will be adjusted.

R1.0 for Flight Simulator 9/X
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This is the same EMB-110 but adapted for cargo purposes by closing the windows with aluminum, removing the seats and modifying the floor. This adaptation is made for some customers; I have no evidence that Embraer made this kind of modification in your 110 officially, besides Embraer built the EMB-110A with a rear cargo door for the same thing.

This model for FS9/X was developed from the previous passenger version 3.0 BUT it has some corrections in several areas like dynamics and programming, and improvements like a widescreen 2D panel that is fully compatible with the passenger version. A package with updates specifically made for the passenger version 3.0 was included. I strongly recommend you to read carefully the readme file, section “Updating the 3.0 release” for performing the updated properly.

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